Operating at the forefront of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we drive growth from a unique trading and investment philosophy through our experienced technical team.

Invest now Investment Update November 2019
Bitcoin BTC
9,642.87 - 0.09%
Ethereum ETH
244.95 + 0.92%
Ripple XRP
0.19 + 0.19%
Litecoin LTC
44.26 + 0.34%


Cryptech are a dynamic group of Blockchain experts who are deeply embedded in the blockchain universe and have developed an impressive record of investing in blockchain technology and trading the top four Cryptocurrencies

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Cryptocurrencies are worldwide payment systems and decentralized digital currencies.

Companies around the world are heavily investing in blockchain technology to improve efficiency, security and transparency of records, transactions and processes.

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Our philosophy is to trade with short and medium-term growth targets in mind and we utilise a two-pronged strategy to deliver consistent gains across cryptocurrencies and blockchain. 

We actively trade the top four Cryptocurrencies in the world which are currently: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin.

Bitcoin Ethereum Ripple Litecoin


Our investment strategy has two core growth generators:

  • Trading the 4 largest crytpocurrencies – which offers active traders a unique opportunity to achieve substantial short term growth.
  • Blockchain - we believe the true long term value lies in the blockchain technology that underpins these currencies.
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Investment Options

Option A

Your funds will be actively managed in our corporate trading account utilising our proven strategy and recommended cryptocurrencies and tokens. You will benefit from the expertise and experience of our dynamic team of traders who are experts at maximising growth opportunities as well as identifying new trends and markets movements.

  • 100% Placement - All of your capital is traded by our team of experienced traders.
  • Low Cost - 1% management charge per month on your original capital placed.
  • Results Driven - Performance fee of 20%.
  • Flexibility - Access to your capital with no lock in period so you can exit the market whenever you choose.

Option B

Your funds are allocated to our corporate Venture Capital account operated by our market leading analysts and directly invested into carefully selected start-up businesses in the blockchain technology sector. This is a unique opportunity to be involved in the blockchain revolution and expose your capital to the huge potential growth that blockchain offers.

  • Short Term - After 18 months, your capital is returned to you along with the maximum returns we were able to generate for you.
  • Transparent - Performance fee of 30%.
  • 100% Placement - All of your capital is directly invested.
  • Value - Zero fees or charges.

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